• David Aaron Smith

The Ever-Evolving Museum

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

David Aaron Smith's main project is Villa Anita DV, a live-in museum of artwork, jewelry, and furniture that pushes beyond the notion of art as lifestyle to arrive at art as living space. The sprawling labyrinth built by Smith, along with fellow artists Carlo Roncancio, Jack Holloman, and Katelyn Doherty, is an evolving art installation that could also be seen as a 7-year art performance.

Through the extreme weather produced at the southern tip of Death Valley National Park, these four artists pound away at their expansion while hosting visitors to their peculiar museum. Not only do the visitors become integral parts of the performance, but they become seed carriers that carry the message of these four artists to different parts of the world.

To visit these artists in their natural habitat, visit .

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