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All Aboard the Gardenville Express!

Located in the Bayview of San Francisco, Gardenville Station is an industrial space for community members to have the tools to actualize their projects, whether those tools be a planer saw or an outside perspective to tell you how that color makes them feel. It's a place where artists can rub shoulders with bioengineers and bioengineers can rub shoulders with cabinet makers. That sort of interdisciplinary mixing is a beautiful thing in a city overwhelmed by the influx of strangers. It's a place not only where those strangers can congregate to build things, but a place to build community in a constructive (pun intended) way.

Among many of the directions that husband and wife team Shane O'Connor and Katy Berg want to bring to Gardenville Station is to set up a rotating artist residency. It's a program that's a necessity in their vision of creating synergy among its creative tenants and within the space's long history.

It just so happens that the opportunity to get that ball rolling presented itself a little earlier than expected when Courtney Norris approached them about hosting a residency/solo show for artist David Aaron Smith. Aaron's work is based on building with recycled and reclaimed material, and the content of the work speaks to the disappearance of the once-diverse culture of SF.

Being that Bayview is the most culturally diverse corner of San Francisco, and the fact that public meetings are in the works for Bayview to host a new Navigation Center, Katy and Shane thought the opportunity to show Aaron's work might be the perfect match to ignite their plans for a rotating artist residency.

Please check out Gardenville's website to learn more about how their space is utilized and how you can get in touch with them to become a member of their growing community.

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